11 Truths About Becoming a Personal Trainer

August 5, 2019

I love my job and the fact that I get to help people  for a living. It’s refreshing to know that I don’t have to sit in an office somewhere doing paperwork all day. To be both good at something and actually enjoy doing it is amazing. To be able to make money doing it is even better.

But the journey hasn’t been all smooth sailing. There are some things that I know now about personal training, what it takes and what comes with the job, that I wish I knew before I started. Even if it’s something that I can’t control, it’s nice to be mentally prepared you know?

For example I remember my first time training clients I didn’t realize that I was giving them exercises that were too advanced for their fitness level. I just assumed that they’d be able to do the same things I did when I first started.

That’s another thing. I learned that not everyone will have the same results as quickly as I did. And those things are just what I learned within the first couple of months. It’s been a few years since then and my training knowledge has expanded greatly.

Now, I’m aware of what comes with the job I’ve improved my capabilities so much as a trainer. It’s even improved my people and business skill, something I didn’t have much of in the beginning. Everyone starts somewhere right?

So if you’re thinking about becoming a personal trainer that’s awesome. My biggest advice to you is never stop learning and never stop growing. And if I could have known these truths below it would have been a much easier ride.

11 Truths About Becoming a Personal Trainer

  1. You have to be just as good at sales and marketing as you are a trainer. You could be the best trainer in the world but if no one knows who you are then you won’t make much money. If you figure out the best way to market yourself clients will start to trickle in.
  2. If you work for yourself be prepared to deal with all of the legal stuff like liability waivers, insurance, and agreements. You’re an independent trainer with your own business. This means you have to hold yourself accountable and protect your investments.
  3. Your friends and relatives will want free or discounted training. Now it’s up to you whether you give it to them but in my opinion anyone who values your services and you as a business person will at least be willing to pay you for your efforts.
  4. Social media is your best friend. If you want to increase your reach make sure to network with people online just as much as offline. You never know who you’ll meet and what opportunities will be available to you.
  5. The average trainer doesn’t make that much money. It’s one of those jobs where you really have to love what you do and possibly have multiple streams of income to support yourself.
  6. You have to have thick skin. Some people just don’t want to work with you or don’t want your advice. Learn not to take things personal, especially of you know you’re a great trainer. Some people just won’t like your training style. No worries. The right clientele will find you.
  7. If you work in a gym, you have to be on their time. The thing about working for someone is that you have to play by their rules. So if they say you have to follow a certain work out plan or schedule, you have to follow that schedule.
  8. You will learn way more on the job than you did getting your certification. The fact is, you don’t know everything there is to know about fitness and health. And don’t pretend to! Not everything can be put in a book. The best way to understand what you’ve been learning is to apply it and either use it on yourself or your clients.
  9. Everyone responds differently to the same workouts. Cookie cutter workout plans are not the best way to go because there are multiple different body types and they respond differently to exercises. Also different people have different needs and desires. Keep that in mind when creating work out plans.
  10. You have to find time to train yourself. You are a walking billboard. You have to make sure that you keep up with your health and physical fitness as a trainer. So that could mean waking up earlier to work out, doing it between clients, or working out late into the evening.
  11. It’s such a rewarding job.When you see the positive mental and physical changes that’s happening in front of your eyes it’s such an amazing feeling. It’s what makes all of the hard work worth it.

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