Why Do Most Blogs Fail?

January 18, 2019

I once heard someone describe the process of blogging as a marriage. I’ve never been married but I can understand the sentiment. I mean, you have the wedding and you’re all in that honeymoon phase so you’re excited about the future. The newness of the relationship keeps your significant other on your mind so your putting a lot of effort into it. Everything’s great.

But then something happens. Nothing drastic but things start to slow down and that “high” you were feeling in the beginning starts to fade. You’re still in love but you’re comfortable and not putting in as much effort as before.

Now compare that to having a blog. You hear all of these success stories that get you hype so you finally start your blog, set everything up, tell friends and family about it and write your first few blog posts. Everything’s great.

But then something happens. Nothing drastic but things start to slow down and that “high” you were feeling in the beginning starts to fade. You’re still in love but you’re comfortable and not putting in as much effort as before.

This is one of the main reasons why most blogs fail.

Blogging takes work and investment. You can’t slack off and expect to see growth. Do you want to know some truth about why most blogs fail?

#1 Lack of Consistancy

Let me tell you a little story. A few years back there was this blogger named Emily. She was a Youtuber at first and I found her there but then she decided to leave YouTube and start a blog. I didn’t understand what blogging was at the time but I was all for it. So I followed her blog and kept up with her posts regularly. But I noticed the more I was checking her blog the less frequently she was posting. It went from a couple times a week to once a month to nothing at all.


If you want to be successful you have to be consistent. That’s with anything in life. How do you expect a plant to grow if you don’t water it? Consistency in blogging is what gains trust from your readers. It keeps them looking forward to your next post. Without that your readers lose trust and they lose interest. Especially in this fast pace world.

#2 Not Thinking of the Blog as a Business

If you want to have an audience of hundreds or thousands of viewers daily you can’t think of your blog as a hobby. Think of it as a full time job that requires you to show up and put in work. Blogging requires hours of creating content, taking photos, networking, research, and promotion just like any other business. You cant expect to do that by taking weeks off. There are a lot of unpaid hours put in and if anything, as you start to grow there will be more hours that you have to put in to stay relevant. It’s a business.

Also do not expect over night success. People say don’t do it for the money because you’ll end up failing but I wouldn’t necessarily say that. What I would say is, if you want to make money from blogging, don’t focus on making money. Focus on having a quality site for people to come to. Write about topics that you are passionate about and that you know a lot about. Then you can set up avenues to make money. The passion will keep you going.

Side note: Unless you started blogging back in the early 2000’s, which I’m assuming you didn’t since you’re reading this post. Diary style blogs WILL NOT WORK. Stop it. Seriously. People look to blogs for value. What can you offer your audience?

#3 Not Creating Engaging Content

I spend a lot of time reading other blogs. Probably more than I really should. But why? To learn of course. And no I’m not always trying to learn about what the writer is actually talking about. I do it to learn about writing styles and what I consider to be engaging content and what isn’t. I read blogs that I’m not even remotely interested in to see if they have the power to reel me in and want me to stick around on their blog. The content that you create should be that engaging.

I’ll be honest. A lot of the newbie blogs that I read have no structure and have a hard time keeping my attention. And then the writers wonder why other people have a hard time staying on their blog as well. Do yourself a huge favor and go read a bunch of different blog posts. It doesn’t matter what niche. Figure out what the writer does that pulls you in and makes you want to read more and find a way to incorporate the style into your own writing. Of course don’t copy them. Just use it for inspiration and make it your own.

#4 Not Promoting the Blog

It’s 2019! Social media is no longer about just being social. People are growing their businesses! It doesn’t matter whether you’re on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook. Use 2 to 3 social media platforms and promote the heck out of your blog. How are people going to read it if they can’t find it? It takes a long time to get seen on Google even if your blog is SEO optimized. I recommend using Pinterest to promote your blog because it’s a search engine like Google but currently not as big as Google so it’s much easier to promote yourself and get your blog posts seen.

And don’t forget you can create blog graphics using Canva and post them on your social media sites. If you have over 10k followers on Instagram and have a business account it will give you a swipe up option when you include a link in your stories.

#5 Not Having Actual Goals

Sure most people want to have a successful blog. But what does that mean to you? Do you want 1,000 subscribers? 5,000? 20, 000? Do you want to make money from your blog? How much? Set actual long term and short term goals and then create a plan/set of steps to reach them. Blogging requires you to plan ahead and be organized.

How often are you going to push out blog posts each week? How often are you going to post on social media? How often are you going to email subscribers? What work are you going to put in to see the results that you’re looking for? A lot of blogs fail because bloggers aren’t putting in this type of thinking. The “go with the flow” mindset wont get you very far in this situation.

I’m a big advocate of knowing what to do by learning what not to do. Whether that be from personal experience or seeing it happen to someone else.

Having a blogging business is a dream for many but it’s not for everyone. But if you know deep down that it’s for you, be willing to put in the work to see your blog succeed.

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