5 Podcasts that Will Actually Grow Your Online Business

April 29, 2019

I’ve been spending more and more time listening to podcasts for motivation and guidance. Although I’m pretty self motivated when it comes to business and finances, seeing as I’m always looking to grow and improve, sometimes I want to get knowledge and business perspectives from other people. People who’ve already done what I’m trying to do. Because that’s a hell of a lot easier than trying to figure it all on your own.

And I know from experience, it’s hard to find consistent sources of quality information because people are trying so hard to fluff up their content. But  every once in a while you find a few gems. The people who are really out there trying to help you grow and not just make a quick buck off of you. I specifically chose these podcasts and recommend them because they consistently put out great content to help you grow your business.

Podcasts are great because while I’m doing a mindless task like cleaning or eating or just relaxing, I could be learning more about business growth, building connections with other people, side hustles and ways to make money online.

And who doesn’t want to know more about making money from the comfort of your own home? Or The beach? Or wherever you want to be.

5 Podcasts for Bloggers, Freelancers, and Other Online Businesses

Bucci Radio

Amanda Bucci, an entrepenuer, social media influencer, and previous fitness coach runs an amazing podcast about building and running an online business from a fitness perspective. So I’m sure you can see why this is one of my favorite podcasts. She started as a bikini competitor, then became a fitness coach and entrepreneur, and gained major influence on Youtube and Instagram.

Amanda not only talks about her own experiences running an online business but she also interviews a ton of fitness coaches, social media influencers, and business minded people on their successes, failures, and processes. She talks about the importance of investing in yourself and taking action.

There are over 170 episodes for you to listen to to get you inspired and give you direction in TAKING ACTION.

Episodes to Get You Started:

160. What it Really Takes to Get Your Online Business Started

108: How To Make Running a Business Less Scary

097: The Ups and Downsides of Social Media – with Amanda Bucci

148: Hustlers vs. Entrepreneurs, Giving Up “Good Enough” & Embracing Failure – with Scott Oldford

The Do You Even Blog Podcast

This podcast, hosted by Pete McPherson, is one of my all time favorite podcasts to listen to. I’ve learned so much from this podcast in my first few months as a blogger than I ever could have alone or even by looking at other “blogging strategy” posts on Pinterest.

I love this podcast because almost every episode is an interview with full time bloggers who all got their start in different ways, at different points in the blogging world, under different niches, but all have valuable information to offer. There’s information on building email lists, growing blog traffic, Pinterest strategies, blogging mistakes, creating good content, etc. The list goes on and on. If you’re a blogger like me I couldn’t recommend this podcast highly enough.

Episodes to Get You Started:

008. How to get Massive Blog Results in One Year – Eden Fried

From 0 to 2,000,000 blog views a month in ONE year – Chasing Foxes

Forget what you know about Pinterest marketing. Kate Ahl sets us straight.

What does the successful blogging look like for 2019 – 2020? Grant Sabatier weighs in.

The Side Hustle Show

Nick Loper, creator of The Side Hustle Show, has one of the most popular podcasts. And it’s pretty obvious why. Most people either want to start a side hustle, have a side hustle or multiple, or are looking to grow their side hustles into full time businesses (including myself). I started listening to this podcast once I decided to make personal training and blogging my side hustles while my full time job was working at the DMV.

Episodes to Get You Started:

331: A Look Inside a 6-Figure Online Business: Traffic, Monetization, and More

325: The Million Dollar Hobby: How to Monetize What You’re Already Interested In

318: Pinterest Marketing for 2019 and Beyond: How to Get More Traffic

141: Do the Scary Thing: My Top 10 Side Hustle Fears

She Did It Her Way

This is a podcast specifically for women wanting to leave their 9 – 5 and launch a successful business. Amanda Boleyn does an amazing job giving advice and answering questions on starting a  business. Most of her podcasts are short, somewhere between 30 – 40 minutes long and are jam packed with information. And the business owners that she interviews aren’t only online business owners, although there are plenty of those if you’re interested. She has episodes with a yogi and meditation leader, a CEO of a clothing company, a comedian, and many other types of business owners.

She Did it Her Way really inspires you to get out there and work towards your dream of being a female entrepreneur. This is a podcast that I recommend even if you aren’t working a 9 – 5 full time job. Even if you’re working a part time or if you’re a stay at home mom, whatever your occupation is, you’ll get amazing information and advice on starting and running a business.

Episodes to Get You Started:

SDH 315: 3 Ways to Replace Your Income and Leave Your 9 – 5 in 2019

SDH 278: From $40,000 in Student Loan Debt to Earning $100,000 a Month with Michelle Schroeder-Gardner

SDH 268: Corporate America to Six-Figure Entrepreneur in Less than 4 Months with Julie Ciardi

SDH 273: From Teacher to Top Etsy Seller and Educator with Jess Van Den

The BizChix Podcast

Hosted by Natalie Eckdahl, MBA, she makes you feel like you’re sitting with a group of friends just talking about business. She reminds me of the saying that you are a average of the 5 people that you spend the most time with. She’s definitely someone I would want to spend a lot of my time with. The BizChix Podcast specifically focuses on female entrepreneurs, especially ones with online businesses.

Episodes to Get You Started:

364: Lessons From My First Business

263: How to Get More Clients

353: How to Get Rapid Visibility

367: From Teacher to Six Figure Copywriter with Abby Herman

Bonus: Boss Girl Bloggers Podcast

I marked this as a bonus because it’s a very new podcast. But in spite of that it’s definitely worthy of a mention. I really love Ell Duclos because she’s relatable. She started her blog and business less than two years ago and she’s already running her blog as a full time job. And if you don’t know anything about blogging, the blogging world changes a LOT. Strategies that people used to grow their blogs in the early 2000’s aren’t exactly what bloggers can use to see growth now.  Ell is honest and real and gives advice that’s actually detailed to help other bloggers build their business and make a full time income. Her story is inspiring and I want to help put her on the map!

Episodes to Get You Started:

Why Not Me? – Boss Girl Bloggers Podcast Episode 1

Self Sabotage as a Blogger – Episode 2 Boss Girl Bloggers Podcast

10 Things Successful Bloggers Do – Episode 3

Why Bloggers Fail – Episode 4 – Boss Girl Bloggers Podcast

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