Authenticity and Rebranding

January 11, 2019

Every year I find myself growing and learning something new about myself that I didn’t understand before. Usually because of a major decision in my life. And each year I become more confident and more myself.

Last year my decision to get a tattoo sleeve helped with that process.

I’m normally pretty impulsive and impatient when it comes to things I want, but with this I took my time. I added a new piece month after month until I could build a visual representation of the happy place I go to when I’m stressed or upset or looking for a peaceful moment. Through the process, I learned the importance of thinking things through and taking my time when making decisions because as we all know, it’s permanent. Kind of like life. You can never go back and change the past, you can only try and fix it from the present onward. That year I focused on accepting the thing I couldn’t change and changing the things I couldn’t accept.

The year before that, I decided to start going to the gym. I made workout plans, studied trainers and followed fitness accounts and YouTube channels to get me through the process. I worked on myself day in and day out and learned how strong and capable I am. Physically, yes, but also mentally. That year I realized that my body image issues ran deeper than just what I saw in the mirror, and I finally started to deal with them.

This year, I see another sort of change happening. Although the year has just started I’ve already made a major decision that going to affect my personal growth this year: blogging.

Finding Uphoria = Finding Authenticity

Funny enough, this blog isn’t my first time around the tracks or however the saying goes. I started another blog back in 2017 called Uphoria Fit. It was going to be all about fitness, workout advice, meal preps and recipes. Sure it was a big decision at the time, but it didn’t have the impact it could have had for me or my readers because I didn’t take it as seriously as this one. Not after the first couple of months anyway. It did however create a spark. I started on the path to finding my voice as a writer. Finding out what I was interested in. What I’m good at.

It turns out that I love talking about fitness but I want to talk about so much more. I want to talk about personal growth and self care. I want to talk about lifestyle changes that I make and give updates on my life and interests as a way to connect with others. I want to be more authentic in my writing and not try to be perfect or look perfect. I want to be real and relatable.

For quality reasons, I’m glad the posts I had written on that old blog are gone now but they were definitely a stepping stone in the right direction. They helped prepare me for this new one.

And that spark I told you about? It finally turned into a little flame.

Back in November I decided to do a little soul searching and rebranding. I had stopped working on my first blog in January of last year and I was craving that creative outlet again. I wasn’t getting what I wanted out of social media at the time and I wanted something more. Something to call my own. It was perfect for the new chapter I was starting in my life anyway. I went from changing my social media from Uphoria Fit, to just Uphoria, to finally Finding Uphoria. Uphoria seemed too certain and seeing as I’m constantly growing and changing, the new name seems more appropriate. And then I started the blog and haven’t looked back.

Rebranding and Relief

Now this new blog is definitely more me. With the rebranding I felt like I needed a new design to go with it. The old design didn’t feel true to me. I only picked it because it checked the boxes for my needs but the design wasn’t one that I felt 100% connected to. So with a lot of research and a wasted $20 on a theme that I thought I would be happy with (Note to self: Stop settling. It never ends well.) I finally found one that I could be 100% happy with and fits me and my style.

So I’m excited to see what this will blossom into. I’m only in the beginning stages of blogging but this is my baby and it’s not going anywhere.

2 responses to “Authenticity and Rebranding”

  1. Aurelie says:

    This is a great post and one I can relate with. When I started my blog I had intended for it to be a strictly CrossFit blog until I realised that there was so much more I wanted and had to say. It’s so important that when we do things, especially in a creative way, we remain true to the vision of us.

    • Jazmin says:

      Exactly! You always hear people say niche down but it think if you’re too narrow it’s going to be hard for you as a blogger to not feel like you’ve put yourself in a box.

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