This is a list of my all-time favorite products and services that I would buy again and again no questions asked. Whether you are looking for fitness or blogging recommendations, these are my holy-grail products and things I recommend to everyone.

(This post may contain affiliate links to products that I truly recommend, at no extra costs to you, if you decide you’re interested in anything mentioned. Feel free to check out the disclosure for more info.)


Fitness Products

Musesonly: Musesonly is a company that makes amazingly comfortable and affordable activewear for yoga, sports, running, or any type of workout really. I’ve both been gifted their clothes and have purchased them myself and the quality of their clothing and their support has been great either way. They do free express shipping for orders over $25 and you can use the code Jazmin 10 for 10% off. I will say that sometimes the shipping takes a while, but for the quality, it’s worth it. If you want to know more about them and see what the clothes look like on me read Where to Get Cute and Affordable Yoga Workout Clothes.

Alani Nu: Alani Nu is a supplement company that makes sure you get everything you need and nothing you don’t. They provide protein powder and bars, bcaa’s, fit snacks, preworkout,  and energy drinks. My favorite product by them at the moment is their blueberry muffin protein powder. Which tastes like thinned out blueberry muffin or pancake mix. It’s sweet but not overly sweet like a lot of powers, mixes well, and has no texture. It doesn’t mix well with food but it’s great alone as a post – workout drink. You can purchase Alani Nu products here.

BSN Syntha6: I’ve tried out a few different brands of protein but this was by far the best tasting brand I’ve tried. I was drinking Syntha6 for about a year before I switched to Alani Nu. And the main reason I made the switch was because I wanted something that had fewer calories. Otherwise I would have stuck with this one. It’s a decent protein powder that is great quality for the price. It blends really well with smoothies, especially the vanilla flavor, but I wouldn’t recommend this brand for oatmeal. Click here to try out the Vanilla Ice Cream flavored Syntha6 protein.


Resistance Bands: I don’t have a favorite brand of resistance bands but I do have a certain type of band that I love. I love using bands that are made with fabric and aren’t too tight to use. Resistance bands that I’ve purchased previously and enjoyed are:

WOOSL Resistance Bands

Band Store Short Resistance Bands

Gymletics Long Resistance Bands

Alomoves: I ventured into Alomoves at the beginning of quarantine and did their 14 day free trial and loved it so much I purchased a year membership. I realized that even though my own yoga flows were nice and felt good, that all of the classes and flows that they have to offer far surpasses my own yoga flows or even the ones I sometimes followed on YouTube. It was like having full yoga classes in my own home. The classes are challenging yet they have everything you’d want from beginner to advanced. They even have meditation, yoga based workouts, tutorials, and series. They have an app in the App Store and Google Play as well so you can use it anywhere. Sign up here to try Alomoves for free.


Blogging Services

WordPress: If you’re interested in starting a blog yourself, the best thing to do is to get a self hosted website. When you go self hosted you blog belongs to you and only you. And it just looks more professional. I use WordPress because of ability to customize my site exactly how I wanted. It’s the only website platform I recommend. You can find out why I feel so strongly about this by reading How to Create a Professional Blog from Day One.

Siteground: I host my through Siteground. The reason why I’d recommend them over other hosting sites that are cheaper is because you get what you pay for. The quality of service is fantastic. Whenever I have an issue with my site they are quick to respond and help me with any issues that I have. So much comes with their Startup plan including daily backups (which is super important if you want to make sure your site is safe), Free email, and a 30-Money back guarantee if you decide its not for you. Sign up for Siteground’s Startup Plan at 6.99/month.


Jazmin Salym